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Clean Aviation partnerships

The European Commission had a Call for Expressions of Ideas or for Potential Members. This call was open to interested technology stakeholders with transformative ideas or concepts in the field of clean aviation contributing to the EU Green Deal goals. They should express their intention to co-invest in the programme and its major demonstrator platforms in order to increase the proposed Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking impact. More information on the Clean Aviation Website.

A new "Strategic research and innovation agenda" (SRIA) has been published in May 2020 and a public consultation on the SRIA of the proposed European Partnership for Clean Aviation has been launched. This European Partnership aims at integrating aircraft technologies towards climate neutrality while ensuring safety, security and EU competitiveness. The challenge is very serious and a necessity for disruptive technologies is foreseen, which is probably the only possibility to achieve climate neutrality. The invitation to the consultation says: "The public and all relevant stakeholders from within and from outside the aviation sector are invited to contribute to the development and definition of the Partnership and its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda." Results of this public consultation are given in the Survey Statistics.

Two further documents related to SRIA:

We see here a possibility to make stakeholders aware of ACACIA's research agenda and background.

EU Open Access Publishing

Open Research Europe

The European Commission introded Open Research Europe, an open access publishing platform. Open Research Europe will provide all Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries and their researchers with an easy, high quality peer-reviewed venue to publish their results in open access, at no cost to them, and in full compliance with the open access policies of the European Commission. More information is given in this note from the European Commission.