EU H2020 Research and Innovation Action


Advancing the Science for Aviation and Climate

1 January 2020 to 29 February 2024

ACACIA, a Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action coordinated by the DLR-Institute of Atmospheric Physics, started in January 2020 with a kick-off event at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen. In total, 11 participants from 7 European countries cooperate in ACACIA.

ACACIA @ ECATS conference 2023

Several contributions of ACACIA at ECATS conference in Delft, 24 - 26 Oct 2023

ACACIA participated with several contributions at the ECATS conference in Delft, 24 - 26 Oct 2023. This event gave the opportunity to scientists and researchers worldwide to present state-of-the-art research, review recent achievements, and at the same time provided a strategic perspective on future directions in environmentally sustainable aviation.
ACACIA used this opportunity to connect to other projects and to share the latest results of research.
ACACIA participated with 2 posters, 1 talk, 1 keynote speech, and the participation in the EU-Project Panel session.

Mention of ACACIA publication in UK policy document

The Fuglestvedt et al. 2023 policy paper attracted attention in UK policy

The Policy paper 'Jet Zero strategy: one year on' published by the Department for Transport of the UK government mentiones our ACACIA publication 'A “greenhouse gas balance” for aviation in line with the Paris Agreement' by Fuglestvedt et al. 2023. The ACACIA publication provides policymakers with an overview of issues and choices that are important regarding which approach is most appropriate for defining and achieving a greenhouse gas balance for aviation in the context of the Paris Agreement. This content seemed significant enough for the UK government to mention this paper as the only scientific paper within its report.

Citation: Fuglestvedt, J., Lund, M. T., Kallbekken, S., Samset, B. H., & Lee, D. S. (2023). A“greenhouse gas balance”for aviation in line with the Paris Agreement. WIREs Climate Change, e839,

ACACIA project video "Aviation goes climate friendly"

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This Project is funded by the EU under Grant Agreement No 875036.